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Manticore Hoodie De Baja

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The All Skill No Luck Manticore Hoodie! With unmatched quality and comfort.


The Manticore Hoodie is made of a premium, medium-weight, cotton twill for a soft, strong and comfortable feel. Features include center front pockets with a Velcro closure, functional Baja style drawstring, pass-through hand pocket, shoulder pockets and adjustable hidden button cuffs.


Matt Ball served as a medic with 2/75 Rangers from 2003-2007. He served multiple combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan and was loved among the men he served with. A brilliant medic and a tenacious warrior, his exploits in country are that of legend. After service Matt pursued his dream to continue caring for his fellow man and became a physician's assistant.

Matt and I met in 2003 at Ft Benning basic training reception, and we have been brothers ever since. During a recent visit, Matt inquired as to where he could get a manticore hoodie like the one I wear and I showed him the upcoming colors. Matt was looking forward to changing up his “suburban dad” style a little bit and was set on acquiring this colorway of the hoodie. Sadly we lost Matt on October 26, 2022.

Matt was a Ranger through and through, he was steadfast, loyal, strong, extremely intelligent, and not faint of heart. Matt was a father, a brother, and a son.

In his honor wear this hoodie and go do rad stuff, live like it’s your last day, and don’t be faint of heart.

Ranger Matt was my friend

-Tommy Marauder



    • Features Include

        • 100% Cotton

        • button closure, hidden button cuffs

        • center chest pocket

        • functional Baja-style drawstring

        • adjustable positions for cuff thickness

        • re-enforced Bartack and double needle stitching in key areas