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The DNC BLACK Occultation STV Hoodie

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Desert Night Camo (DNC) is a two color pixillated grid pattern which was the first digital camo pattern to see widescale combat during the Gulf War. (DNC).

The DNC Occultation STV Hoodie (Desert Night Camouflage)

Get ready to SHED THE VEST and experience the DNC Occultation STV Hoodie! You can shed the vest and add a leather riding vest, body armor, fishing vest, a mechanic apron, or whatever you want. You can even take the vest and wear it over your favorite shirt or sweatshirt. 

This original design for the ASNL LINE STV Hoodie fits any lifestyle and is proudly MADE IN U.S.A.

Not Flame Resistant Combat Shirt!!


Please reference the size chart located in the product pictures.

The DNC Occultation STV Hoodie is made of premium 50/50 NyCo. It is comprised of an outer removable vest and a 100% cotton under shirt with 50/50 NyCo sleeves. Cool features include front breast pockets that are tilted inboard for easy access with velcro closures and a slit for sunglasses. Another highlight is shoulder pockets tilted inboard for easy access with velcro closures. The front of the DNC Occultation STV Hoodie is secured with non exposed buttons as to not catch on objects or scratch paint. The DNC Occultation STV Hoodie's cuffs are also secured with non exposed buttons that are adjustable. 


        • 50/50 NyCo ripstop outer removable vest

        • YKK #3 Zipper

        • 50/50 NyCo ripstop sleeves attached to 100% cotton under shirt
        • unlined hood with drawcords

        • no exposed buttons

        • breast pockets tilted inboard with a slit to hold sunglasses

        • shoulder pockets tilted inboard

        • adjustable positions for cuff thickness